Drug Testing Program - DOT Check List - Fresno, CA
DOT Drug Consortium - Truck Driver Drug Testing Program

POLICIES, PLANS, reports alcohol and drug testing policies and instructions for implementing your program previous two MIS annual reports either submitted to DOT or prepared and retained.Copies of written consent forms you sent to obtain 40.25 drug and alcohol information from previous employers, and the responses received from those employers.Copies of written consent forms you received from prospective employers for 40.25 information, and documentation of your responses.Semi-annual statistical summary reports from laboratories.
List of all employees hired or transferred into safety-sensitive service for the past two years, including documentation of previous employer records check.List of all employees the last five years.

EMPLOYEE AND SUPERVISOR TRAINING RECORDS: Educational materials for employees.Documentation was showing how education materials were made available to employees.List of supervisors responsible for making reasonable suspicion and reasonable cause determinations.Supervisory training lesson plans and course materials.Attendance lists for supervisors who received this training. Under FRA, supervisor post-Under FRA, supervisor post-accident training lesson plans, course materials, and attendance lists.

RANDOM TESTING RECORDS: CCFs showing employees were tested within the selection period.For each selected employee not tested, documentation showing why the collection did not occur.Records of collections by location, by date (or day of the week), and by the time of the day (or shift).Proof that testing occurred throughout all shifts and all workdays, in other words – testing was unpredictable. For railroads, your approved Drug and Alcohol Random Testing Plan.Information about the type of method used to select employees for testing.Names of all employees in the random testing pool for each selection period that the DOT Agency or USCG will review.Names of all employees selected for testing.Names of all employees tested.

Pre-employment.Random.Reasonable suspicion, including supervisor justification documentation.Reasonable cause, under FAA, FRA, and PHMSA, including supervisor justification documentation.Post-accident, including documentation showing criteria, were met.Return-to-duty.Follow-up.

MRO RECORDS: Laboratory confirmed results reports sent to MROs.MRO CCFs.MRO results in reports sent to employers.MRO records of review of CCFs.MRO medical review notes and records.MRO downgrades.Split request records.Correctable and non-correctable flaw documentation.

DOT ALCOHOL TESTING FORMS: Pre-employment, if applicable.Random, under FMCSA, FAA, FRA, and FTA. Reasonable suspicion, including supervisor justification documentation.Reasonable cause under FRA, including supervisor justification documentation.Post-accident, including documentation showing criteria, were met.Return-to-duty.Follow-up.Correctable and non-correctable flaw documentation.

EMPLOYEE RETURN TO DUTY SAP Initial Evaluation reports.SAP Follow-up Evaluation reports, including follow-up testing plans.Employee Return to Duty and Last Chance Agreements, when applicable.Return-to-duty and Follow-up testing compliance documentation.Lists of qualified SAPs that you give to those who violate the regulations.

SERVICE AGENT DOCUMENTATION: Lists of service agents and their contact information.Written agreements and contracts with service agents, if applicable.Credentials, training, and examination or proficiency documentation.