Drug Testing Program - DOT Drug Testing - Fresno, CA
DOT Drug Consortium - Truck Driver Drug Testing Program

drug testing       DOT Drug Program

Testing, MRO-Medical review random alcohol testing. National collection test site network all 50 states all for random low Prices HHS -certified Laboratory testing,
  • National collection test site network (additional site charge may apply depending on locations of )
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) services
  • Complete record keeping
  • A company drug and alcohol testing policy
  • Training for supervisor, individual and company personnel education requirements
  • Pre-employment, return-to-duty or follow-up drug
  • Annual summary assistance available
  • Your Company will be billed at the time of service $75.00 for Drug Testing Results from Trucker Exam Inc.
  • You musts Trucker Exam Inc collection site, MRO, Drug lab's and Drug testing forms. Trucker Exam Inc. does not pay for any TPA'S or other collection company.

Click here to launch the Quest Diagnostics Collection Site :
Put in Zip Code & Click Find
  • Drivers do Not pay at the Collection Site have a Drug form from Trucker exam Inc (CCF)
  • enter your city and state or zip code, and the make the following selections:
    • Employer and wellness services
    • Drug testing
    • Federal/State Regulated Testing
    • DOT Urine Drug or, DOT Breath Alcohol (if a breath test is required)
    • Paper CCF
    • We can monitor Broker and sub-haulers drug results and medical exam due dates. ask for Ted to set this  program up              
•Urine Drug Testing (DOT or non-DOT)
•Pre-Employment Drug Screening Testing
•Self Drug Testing
•Teenager (School) Drug Testing