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Drug testing

Medical Review Officer (MRO)

Medical Review Officer (MRO),
The Role of the Medical Review Officer (MRO)
The role of the Medical Review Officer is to review and interpret lab results obtained through the agency's testing program. An essential element of drug testing is a mechanism for a medical review of the results. That mechanism is the Medical Review Officer (MRO). The MRO's role is an important safeguard in the testing process. The MRO practice is a business specialty area that requires technical knowledge, professional judgment, interpersonal skills, and an understanding of both legal and economic issues.

FMCSA ruling on positive for alcohol

When an interstate driver tests positive for alcohol or controlled substances under Part 382, the driver is not required to be medically re-examined or to obtain a new medical examiner’s certificate provided the driver is seen by a SAP who evaluates the driver and does not make a clinical diagnosis of alcoholism.

Designated Employer Representative

40.3 09/01


Can the employer himself or herself act as a Designated Employer Representative (DER), as opposed to appointing another employee to play this role?


• The employer (e.g., the owner of a small business) may act personally as the DER.

• The employer may also appoint an employee or employees to play this role.

• The DER must exercise his or her authority to remove an employee from safety sensitive functions either directly or by causing the employee to be removed from performing these functions (e.

pre-employment drug test positives

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  Key Facts include:
A spike in pre-employment drug test positives
An increase in marijuana positivity in oral fluid testing

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Payment of a SAP

The Department's regulations are silent on who is responsible for paying for the testing or SAP recommended treatment/education. Payment may be based an understanding between the employer and employee, including applicants for safety-sensitive positions.
An employer may not, however, refrain from sending a "split specimen" for testing because the employee does not pay for the test in advance.

DOT Drug Conference

The Federal Transit Administration is hosting its 8th Annual Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference on April 9 – 11, 2013.
Information and registration on the conference is available at:
Please contact the FTA Drug and Alcohol Project Office at (617) 494-6336 if you have any questions.
FREE:Click on the link just below. It will take you approximately six minutes to 'arrow' through the new chapter which contains information on

Legally Obligated to send drug tests

Q:Is the company legally obligated to send out the results of testing to the person being tested, whether it is DOT random, for hire etc.?
A: Only if a donor asks for it and it is DOT - The MRO sends everything they have on written request with an address to send the result to. It is suggested that the company gets a written request and verification, when they give a result to a donor and this is kept on file. The company does not give results to donors automatically no matter what the type.

I-9 enforcement

I-9 enforcement and E-Verify compliance monitoring will increase in 2013
Everyone is looking ahead to see what the new year might bring. There is one thing we can definitely count on: A continued emphasis on work site and interior enforcement. It is anticipated that 2013 will be a banner year for E-Verify and another strong year for ICE in the collection of I-9 fines and penalties.
E-Verify: On January 1, 2013 three more mandatory state level E-Verify measures took effect including North Carolina, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

DOT Drug Audit

49 CFR Part 40 (commonly referred to as "Part 40") states:
  • how drug and alcohol testing is conducted,
  • who is authorized to participate in the drug and alcohol testing program, and
  • what employees must do before they may return-to-duty following a drug and/or alcohol violation.
The DOT Agency and the USCG specific regulations state:
  • the agency's prohibitions on drug and alcohol use,
  • who is subject to the regulations,
  • what testing is authorized,
  • when testing is authorized, and
  • the consequences of non-compliance.